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Instech - Winter Edition


Dozens of innovators will be joining the panels and debates, with some of the most senior C-level executives from the world’s largest insurance giants, as well as medium size underwriters, brokers and small companies, to explore the future impact of this technology on your business.


Thanks to everyone who came along to the instech conference.  Chairing the conference gave me the opportunity to ask some terrific questions from an amazing line up of panellists and presenters.   Some of the key messages were Customer First, Always Overcommunicate, the Growth of Ecosystems, Data is at the heart of everything!

findataai - Customer Panel


Chief Data Officers, Chief Technology Officers, Heads of AI, and Heads of Analytics from the top 250 investment banks, asset managers and insurance companies form the event. Dozens of financial data management, artificial intelligence, machine learning and business process automation experts and enthusiasts will be joining the panels and debates.


Thank you for everyone who Joined me at findataai conference in London on 3rd December where I discussed ONE CUSTOMER ONE VIEW: Achieve a Truly Joined Up Customer View While Coping With Multiple Legacy Systems.


Work Reimagined and the Digital Workforce


'Work' is changing. AI, increased mobility, globalisation, population growth and the resulting socio-political upheaval mean that organisations must prepare for a new world of work


One of the most immediate and impactful outcomes of technological evolution on the future of work are the advances in automation.  Every day, more manual processes become automated, and as technology continues to accelerate, so will automation.


Thank You to everyone who I met at the  Work Reimagined Summit in London on 5th November to learn more about the Future of Work and the Digital Workforce.

View a demonstration of RPA solving a common business problem.

Chapter 1: What is a Digital Workforce?


A range of automation solutions are now available which emulate human activities, interacting with IT systems to complete a variety of transactions.


A digital workforce utilises one or more of these solutions to reduce costs, increase efficiency and eliminate errors.


In chapter 1 I provide a brief history of automation and classify the different types available.  An important first step on your journey is educating your stakeholders, explaining the pros and cons of each type of automation for your future operation.

Chapter 2: Why Might I need a Digital Workforce?


Organisations of every size can now benefit from automation.  The range of options available is almost overwhelming, solutions exist to fit every budget and every need.


Customers, companies and employees all like the benefits that automation can provide, whether it is delivering 24/7 services, improving quality or removing boring repetitive tasks.


Chapter 2 looks at the common elements for developing the business case for a digital workforce and provides examples of the processes commonly targeted for automation by business area.

View materials from the Digital Workforce Workshop

Chapters 3 & 4: Choosing the right RPA Solution


Failed RPA projects are often not a failure of the RPA itself but rather a failure to select the right solution for your business needs.


Chapters 3 and 4 look at the RPA vendors and provides a methodology for evaluating your own business needs to create a top 3 list of vendors who best fit those needs.


Find the RPA solution that has the capabilities to meet your business needs.  Don't choose the vendor then change your business needs based on the capabilities available!

The most influential factors in choosing the right vendor are:

  • Do you have a strategic or tactical outlook?
  • How much money do you have?
  • Which type(s) of automation do you require?
  • Will the solution work with your IT systems?
  • What level of skill is needed to operate and develop?
  • How will work be organised?

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Two upcoming speaking engagements will be announced shortly


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