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RPA Demo - The Swivel Chair Problem



The example in the video above is The Swivel Chair Problem; the duplicate entry of data into multiple systems. This is similar to the first opportunity for which I implemented RPA, but unlike this example information was re-keyed into SEVEN applications, not just two!

Top 10 Automation Myths



Rod Willmott and Rob King of Wzard Innovation presents a 15-minute discussion on the top 10 Automation Myths and how to address them head-on.

RPA Demo - Inbox Automation



The example in the video above takes three common types of activity driven from an initial email message and takes different actions accordingly. The three examples demonstrate structured, semi-structured and unstructured information.

Introducing Lean RPA: Principles and Practice



Chapter 1 of Lean RPA Training, available on-demand from The RPA Academy.  This video course provides an introduction to both lean thinking and RPA, demonstrating how to apply lean techniques when implementing RPA.

RPA for Financial Services Part 1: Introduction and Market



Part 1: Rod Willmott and Rob King of Wzard Innovation present an introduction to RPA and the Financial Services Market. 

RPA for Financial Services Part 2: Why Automate?



Part 2: Rod Willmott and Rob King of Wzard Innovation present an overview of why automation is important.  Taking different perspectives to evaluate the customer view and the company view of automation.

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